Building a Connected Quantum Community in Latin America

Quantum Research

The first day is dedicated to quantum research community to discuss their research and advancements in the quantum technologies. The session will include:

• Keynotes
• Research talks
• Poster session
• Networking

Quantum Business

The second day will be focused on the business side of quantum technologies to bring governmental institutions, investors, startups and end users. There will be discussions on:

• Industry talks and workshops
• Quantum technologies initiatives government discussions
• Panel discussions on start-ups, companies, investors and end users in quantum technologies.
• Event dinner

Session TitleLanguageSpeakers
A mover los qubits. La microelectrónica para controlar los fotones.SPLeandro Stefanazzi
La industria de la computación cuántica y los laboratorios nacionales de EEUUSPAndrea Delgado,
Gustavo Cancelo,
Rafael Sotelo

Quantum for Everyone

The third day is dedicated to all the stakeholders in the quantum ecosystem: government, academia, industry, startups, and the general public. The session will include:

• Quantum Chess tournament
• Out reach activities
• Quantum computing hands-on workshops

Throughout the event, we will provide you unique opportunities to connect with other stakeholders!

Career Event (12th October 2023)
Get assistance in your job search and resume building as well as the opportunity to reach out to employers

Networking (10th-12th October 2023)
Build connections and start new collaborations.

Industrial exhibition (10th-12th October 2023)Showcase products and services and meet with industry partners and customers.