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Be ready, here comes the second edition of Quantum Latino, 2022, the first large scale quantum event in Latin America. This year the event will take place on June 8-10, 2022, hosted in an hybrid form, online and with the opportunity to attend in person in Uruguay. Once again, the event will gather researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and industry collaborators, to participate, learn, exchange ideas, connect, network, and grow, seeking to expand the emerging quantum community in Latin America.

What can you expect from Quantum Latino 2022?

QURECAQuantum-South and the Unconventional Computing Lab are teaming up again to bring the best of the Quantum Community in Latin America during three days of intense connection and transfer knowledge with researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and industry collaborators to share ideas, network and connect with one another, as well as learn through a variety of sessions held by leading industry professionals and experienced researchers. 

The last edition in 2021 attracted over 1000 registered attendees, of which 59% were located in Latin American countries, and 20 quantum leading companies, including  AtosHoneywell and IonQ. This year the challenge is to keep up the numbers and to drain even more attention than ever before.

Attendees should expect:

  • Invited talks
  • Research talks
  • Quantum technologies initiatives in Latin America
  • Panel discussions on start-ups, end-users, and investors in quantum technologies
  • Workshops to help build opportunities, and grow your business or career

This year the attraction will come from more end users involvement and training available for a wide range of audience, from newbies to experienced quantum ready users.

Register now to Quantum Latino 2022!

The event concerns everyone interested in Quantum technologies. It encourages the rise of a worldwide community of quantum ready individuals to foster synergies and collaborations to strengthen the quantum ecosystem globally.

Registration is open!

  • Get in touch with the organising committee if you have questions or would like to support the event!


A company that creates global opportunities with Quantum Technologies. They offer all the resources you need to be ready, make a difference, and create value, providing the link between the stakeholders in the quantum community. Some of their services include business development, training and resourcing. Website: https://www.qureca.com/

Established in 2019, Quantum South is a multidisciplinary quantum computing software company, with operations in Europe and Latin America. Quantum-South designs solutions with a quantum computing approach combining expertise in multiple quantum software platforms
Website: https://quantum-south.com/

Established in 2004, The Unconventional Computing Lab contributes primarily to the understanding of the physical, mathematical, implementation, and societal aspects of computation. The international and multicultural laboratory produces ground-breaking science towards understanding the ultimate capacities and limits of computation imposed by physics and mathematics, developing engineering methods to transform our scientific advances into products and services useful to humanity and non-human animals. 
Website: https://unconventionalcomputing.org/

Recap – Quantum Latino 2021

From the 9th – 11th of June, QURECA, along with The Unconventional Computing Lab and Quantum South, virtually hosted Quantum Latino, the first large quantum event in Latin America. The event was hosted in an effort to create a connected quantum community within the region. 

The event brought together researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and industry collaborators to share ideas, network and connect with one another, as well as learn through a variety of sessions held by leading industry professionals and experienced researchers. 

Quantum Latino attracted attention worldwide, with over 1000 registered attendees, 59% of which were located in Latin American countries. The event also attracted the attention of some big businesses in the quantum technologies industry, such as AtosHoneywell and IonQ

In total, Quantum Latino was sponsored by 20 companies, 10 of which hosted booths during the three day event to network and connect with participants. 

Over the course of the three days, 60 speakers held 44 sessions discussing research, business and careers advice, and hosting practical sessions for attendees to participate in. The talks were recorded and are available to watch on the Quantum Latino YouTube channel

On the final day of the event, Friday 11th June, outreach activities were held, running parallel to the main event. The outreach activities attracted 427 participants, across 4 different sessions. The outreach sessions were also recorded and can be found on the Quantum Latino Outreach YouTube channel

Overall, the event was a huge success. When we initially planned the event, we set ourselves the target of 500 participants. We never expected that over 1000 quantum enthusiasts would be interested in this event. 

Thank you to all the speakers, sponsors and participants for taking part in this event, it wouldn’t have been such a massive success without you all. We would also like to thank everyone for all the fantastic feedback you have given us. 

We hope that we have managed to set in motion the initial steps in creating a connected quantum across Latin America, as well as connecting the quantum community in Latin America with the quantum community throughout the world. 

Due to the fantastic feedback and massive turnout, we are pleased to announce that Quantum Latino will be returning again next year. Any information regarding the event will be posted on our websiteFacebookTwitter and the Qureca LinkedIn

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the event, we hope to see you next year! 

To learn more about all of our fantastic sponsors, have a look at our event booklet.

Emerging nations in the emerging quantum arena

Genaro Costa, HPC Expert, Atos, Big Data & Security

The Quantum shift is coming

Quantum computing has the potential to change the world as we know it by spurring breakthroughs in various scientific and industrial domains. It will solve complex problems faster and tackle the sophisticated scientific or industrial issues which have been uncharted in human history. The undeniable use cases have been witnessed in various domains for the early adopters, e.g. financial modeling where quantum can speed up the financial modeling in the Monte Carlo model, which gauges the probability of various outcomes and related risk in financial choices. Other use cases are explored as molecule simulation, route optimization (using combinatory optimization), or for governments who gain advantages in the military, accelerated data analysis, and improving cyber-security [1].

The quantum race is on around the world

The North America and Europe regions are spearheading quantum inroads thanks to both large corporations and numerous start-ups. Various technologies and algorithms are exploited backed up with substantial investments from private funds and government initiatives. To unlock the transformative power of quantum, the commission of the European High-Performance Computing (HPC) Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) is now planning to build state-of-the-art pilot quantum computers by 2023. These computers would act as accelerators interconnected with the Joint Undertaking’s supercomputers, forming ‘hybrid’ machines that blend the best of quantum and classical computing technologies. The French government pledged a €1.8 billion five-year plan aiming to finance research in quantum computing, communications, and sensing. At the center stage, Atos has been actively participating in the EuroHPC JU with multiple HPC deployed in various super-computing centers, as well as in committing to deliver its hybrid quantum accelerated HPC in 2023.

Emerging nations are no laggers

To nobody’s surprise, emerging nations are also positioned as the powerhouses for the quantum race. China is among the leading countries on system innovation, although much of the work coming out of China is more secretive as they are interconnected with China’s government. Scientists in India have already started to undertake large-scale quantum projects. Last year, India gave quantum technology a $1.07 billion boost as part of its National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications, coordinating stakeholders from across industry, research, and government to spur development in quantum computing, cryptography, communications, and materials science. In South America, there are strong research capabilities and an abundance of resourceful talent that are exploiting quantum infrastructure. Quantum Computing Group, headed by a team of top researchers and adjunct professors that lead a group of collaborators from the University of Latvia, the University of the Republic, Uruguay, and a cadre of enthusiastic Ph.D. students, the lab is fully stocked on qubit brain cells to carve out enough quantum creativity for the rest of the 21st century [2]. Initiatives from Brazil, in the Rio de Janeiro state, are also surfing on the quantum wave.

Worth mentioning is that Atos and SENAI CIMATEC, one of Brazil’s leading education, research and innovation institutes, have set up Brazil’s first Center of Excellence in Quantum Computing dedicated to the business sector. Located in Salvador, Bahia, the Latin America Quantum Computing Center (LAQCC) aims to promote the adoption of quantum technologies, provide training to build a local quantum computing workforce, and encourage scientific research in the most diverse areas, such as chemistry and biology. The LAQCC will host Brazil’s first Atos Quantum Learning Machine (Atos QLM), the world’s most powerful quantum simulator. The LAQCC will enable business users to build technological road maps and conduct impact studies, algorithm investigations, and applied research projects. to stimulate scientific research and entrepreneurship.

The infrastructure and services provided by this new Center of Excellence should empower the Brazilian quantum ecosystem to grow, stimulate scientific research and entrepreneurship to prepare Latin America for the quantum era while a quantum community is coalescing around newly available opportunities in the field.

[1] TBR – Quantum Computing Market Landscape, Dec 2020. 

[2] https://thequantumdaily.com/2020/04/20/how-south-america-is-helping-to-build-the-quantum-computing-industry/

The new frontiers of technology evolution

Manuel Macedo, President Honeywell, High Growth Region, Latin America

The trend of digitization is accelerating across all industries. Some predictions, such as Statista’s, claim that in the next 10 years there will be 50 billion connected devices in the world, analyzing and generating data, driving the exponential growth of Internet of Things (IoT).

The greatest challenge ahead will be the ability to leverage data that enables enterprise development but analyzing such massive amounts of information is virtually impossible with conventional computers. That’s where a breakthrough technology such as Quantum Computing becomes essential for the future of Industry 4.0.

Quantum Computing is expected to revolutionize, the way we will live in the next years, with applications in virtually every sector. Among the first use cases envisioned for this technology, five industries stand out: Aerospace, Chemistry, Health, Logistics and Finance.

Quantum Computing could be used in Chemistry to simulate the properties and potential behavior of new molecular structures. One of the main goals is to explore low environmental impact substances, such as cooling agents that don’t impact climate change, or new solvents for recovering carbon dioxide.

Health and pharmaceutical development could have significant progress with Quantum Computing. For example, it could dramatically reduce the time, research costs, development, and production time of new medical treatments, while increasing their effectiveness. On average, a new treatment takes 10 to 13 years from the initial research until it gets in the patient’s hands. With this technology, the pre-clinic phase could be reduced significantly, which would translate directly into costs savings in production, that could reach up to 2.5 billion dollars. Not to mention how the treatment would benefit the people faster.

In the Aerospace industry, Quantum Computing could be used to solve complex problems even before they happen, or it could help find the best solution to an eventuality that may affect the performance of aircrafts. For example, if a storm represents a threat to a flight, this technology could determine the most efficient alternative routes to minimize the impact to programmed operations.

Logistics can use this technology to improve storage, processing, and delivery. Every day, warehouses and distribution centers are integrating more sensors and connected devices that generate massive amounts of data. Quantum Computers could determine the best spots to install sensors in order to gather the most valuable information and make better decisions. It could even find the most efficient paths for employees or robots to move around the warehouse.

Even when it seems like this is Sci-Fi or technology from the future, Quantum Computing is already available for companies. Honeywell launched two commercial quantum computers in 2020 and is partnering with quantum algorithm developers and global companies such as DHL, BMW, and Samsung to explore real-world applications for this technology. 

Quantum Computing is not Sci-Fi, it is a real technology that will shape the future of all industries. It is a disruption that will solve many of the challenges of today’s business ecosystem.



Quantum Latino – The Largest Quantum Event In Latin America

QURECAQuantum-South and the Unconventional Computing Lab are proud to announce ‘Quantum Latino’ – the first large scale quantum event in Latin America – held online on 9th-11th June 2021.

This 3-day event brings together researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and industry collaborators, to participate, learn, exchange ideas, connect, network, and grow, seeking to expand the emerging quantum community in Latin-America.

The quantum computing market, itself expected to grow by 21.26% CAGR by 2026, will undergo significant expansion in open markets like that of Latin America where a strong research capability and abundance of resourceful talent will help it develop a quantum rich infrastructure [1]. 

Quantum Latino will be fundamental in helping achieve this rapid growth, working with industry players such as IBM, amongst others, to contribute towards an exciting and jam packed program of events, that includes keynote speechesresearch talksquantum computing hands-on sessionscareer eventsnetworking sessionspanel discussions, workshopshackathons, and an industrial exhibition.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to:

  • Discover the latest research breakthroughs and quantum science on the continent,
  • How the quantum industry intends to break into the region,
  • Gain business insight for potential entrepreneurs,
  • Uncover the latest career options available to you in quantum science.

The event is explicitly not just for those working in quantum technologies and welcomes anyone in the field including those involved with photonics, software development, engineering, electronics, business development, physics, optics, and anyone just interested in all things quantum.


[1] https://neighborwebsj.com/uncategorized/6181742/quantum-computing-market-to-grow-at-21-26-cagr-by-2026/