The new frontiers of technology evolution

Manuel Macedo, President Honeywell, High Growth Region, Latin America

The trend of digitization is accelerating across all industries. Some predictions, such as Statista’s, claim that in the next 10 years there will be 50 billion connected devices in the world, analyzing and generating data, driving the exponential growth of Internet of Things (IoT).

The greatest challenge ahead will be the ability to leverage data that enables enterprise development but analyzing such massive amounts of information is virtually impossible with conventional computers. That’s where a breakthrough technology such as Quantum Computing becomes essential for the future of Industry 4.0.

Quantum Computing is expected to revolutionize, the way we will live in the next years, with applications in virtually every sector. Among the first use cases envisioned for this technology, five industries stand out: Aerospace, Chemistry, Health, Logistics and Finance.

Quantum Computing could be used in Chemistry to simulate the properties and potential behavior of new molecular structures. One of the main goals is to explore low environmental impact substances, such as cooling agents that don’t impact climate change, or new solvents for recovering carbon dioxide.

Health and pharmaceutical development could have significant progress with Quantum Computing. For example, it could dramatically reduce the time, research costs, development, and production time of new medical treatments, while increasing their effectiveness. On average, a new treatment takes 10 to 13 years from the initial research until it gets in the patient’s hands. With this technology, the pre-clinic phase could be reduced significantly, which would translate directly into costs savings in production, that could reach up to 2.5 billion dollars. Not to mention how the treatment would benefit the people faster.

In the Aerospace industry, Quantum Computing could be used to solve complex problems even before they happen, or it could help find the best solution to an eventuality that may affect the performance of aircrafts. For example, if a storm represents a threat to a flight, this technology could determine the most efficient alternative routes to minimize the impact to programmed operations.

Logistics can use this technology to improve storage, processing, and delivery. Every day, warehouses and distribution centers are integrating more sensors and connected devices that generate massive amounts of data. Quantum Computers could determine the best spots to install sensors in order to gather the most valuable information and make better decisions. It could even find the most efficient paths for employees or robots to move around the warehouse.

Even when it seems like this is Sci-Fi or technology from the future, Quantum Computing is already available for companies. Honeywell launched two commercial quantum computers in 2020 and is partnering with quantum algorithm developers and global companies such as DHL, BMW, and Samsung to explore real-world applications for this technology. 

Quantum Computing is not Sci-Fi, it is a real technology that will shape the future of all industries. It is a disruption that will solve many of the challenges of today’s business ecosystem.

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